FOR CENTURIES people have been using gemstones, crystals and minerals for their healing properties.   All living things are made up of energy. Just as the earth is grounding, the naturally occurring gemstones, crystals and minerals can help us in balancing, relieving and grounding our energy as well as absorbing other energetic forces. Living in a world filled with energetic pollution, Lucy and Penny Zen products are specially designed to aid us in our energetic clarity and health.

CARNELIAN: Carnelian is a wonderful overall healthy stone. It has wonderful qualities that help you with many different physical and emotional qualities.  This is truly a great choice for fighting off several different major diseases. Physical: Reduces Thirst, Good for digestion, tissue regeneration and revitalizing the blood.  Good for gallbladder, liver, lungs, kidneys, spine, spleen, pancreas, and thyroid.  Helps appetite and eating disorders, infections, neuralgia, lethargy, minor cuts and grazes. Emotional: Helps anger, envy, fear, sorrow, confusion, and jealousy.  Helps to learn and focus. Healing Qualities: Back pain, Balance problems, Lung issues, Cancers, Digestive system problems, Physical energy, Allergies, Asthma,  Infections, Jaundice, Kidney dysfunction, Diseases of the pancreas

TURQUOISE: Turquoise is a wonderful stone for protection.  This also helps guard against harm and is strengthening for anyone that wears it. Physical: Assists in dealing with the problems of the brain, eyes, ears, neck and throat, respitory and lung disorders, viral infections, allergies, arthritis, rheumatism and problems with balance.  This stone is good for helping the lungs heal from Asthma that is a result of a pollen allergy.  Helps ease breathing when worn around the neck. Emotional: Calms the mind, Good for listening, Helps to cope with lovelessness or trauma. Healing Qualities: Air Sickness, Blood circulation – Flow,  To ease breathing, Allergies, Post operative healing, Skin irritations, Respiratory issues


AVENTURINE: This stone offers a great shield of protection. It also helps to heal from trauma.  Physical: Calms the nerves, muscles, lungs, heart, adrenal glands and urogenital system. Emotional: Protects, clams and sooths emotions. Aids in relaxation. Helps with fear and emotional wounds. Aids in healing from emotional and physical trauma. Healing Qualities: Good for motivation, leadership, decision making, speed and fast reactions.

AMETHYST: Physical: Heals the cause of disease, Good for hearing, insomnia, Cancer, Blood Clots, Arthritis.  Also good for the health of the immune, circulatory and nervous system, bones, heart, stomach, skin, teeth, and liver.  Aids in detoxing and blood cleansing. Emotional: Helps to bring balance for emotional health and healing, calming for an animal that has encountered a stressful encounter or trauma, Homesickness, assists with Obsessive behavior. Helps with anger or violent tendencies, Calms passion, nerves, over sensitivity, tension, emotional energy and grief. Enhances self esteem. Healing Qualities: Helps lessen aggression in animals, Helps bring balance.  Helps the lungs and Asthma. Helps increase blood circulation and flow.


LABORADITE: Physical: Good for digestion and the eyes. Helps warts. Emotional: Helps with insecurity, anxiety and stress. Healing Qualities: Good for mental sharpness, intellect, right/left brain activity, inspiration, intuition and originality.

ROSE QUARTZ: Physical: Good for fertility, health of the adrenal gland, heart, blood, circulation, kidneys and spleen. Helps with general aches and pains.  Helps in detoxing.  Emotional: Calming.  Good for forgiveness, love, and relationships. Enhances female energies and qualities. Helps crisis, phobias, anger, stress, tension, fear, guilt, grief, inadequacy, jealousy, resentment and the feeling of being emotionally wounded. Like a bubble bath for emotions. Healing Qualities: Best stone for overcoming abuse of any kind. Helps depression and anxiety. Helps ease pain from mild burns.

BLUE APATITE: Physical: Said to strengthen teeth, gums, muscle tissue and bones; aid broken bones and damaged cartilages; ease chronic illnesses; improve appetite, but control cravings. Good for arthritis and tissue regeneration. Focuses healing energy inside the body where it is needed. Emotional: Reduces irritability; encourages a healthy attitude to eating, helping to attain and maintain a healthy weight; helps with flow of communication; overcomes fears of dental treatment. Good for understanding, yin/yang balance and helps negativity. Healing Qualities: Good for the intellect and seeing the truth. Helps aloofness and mental confusion.

KYANITE: Physical: Good for the throat, muscles, neurological system, glands and brain. Emotional: Brings calm and tranquility. Good for yin/yang balance. Healing Qualities: Good for perseverance, reason, mental stamina and communication.

SODALITE: Physical: Useful for relieving menopausal symptoms, racing pulse or heart, high blood pressure, burns & inflammation. Emotional: Helps one come to terms with aging issues & empty nest syndrome. Healing Qualities: This stone helps to balance the mind and emotions. 

AMAZONITE:  Physical: Said to help with thyroid and throat problems, nerve and neurological connections, upper spine, recovery after illness and maintain health and a healthy lifestyle.  Good for the heart. Emotional:  Increases self respect, especially for females.  Reduces tendencies to self-neglect.  Sooths and calms. Helps stress, nervousness, and a troubled mind. Healing Qualities:  This is a feel better stone.  Very good for the heart.  Calms a troubled mind.  Helps bring balance.

JADE: Physical: Good for skin, hair, lymphatic system, bones, joints and hips, spleen, bladder, heart, immune system, gallbladder, kidneys, muscles, and the entire female reproductive system.  Helps with fertility, asthma, bacterial and viral infections, eye disorders, general malice, high blood pressure and schizophrenia. Emotional: Helps to keep your pet grounded and emotionally well balanced.   Helps with negativity. Healing Qualities: This stone brings balance, justice, courage, wisdom, compassion, and longevity.  Helps to prevent accidents, helps with blood cleansing and detoxification.  Helps High Blood pressure.

UNIKITE: Physical: Encourages weight gain.  Good for fertility, pregnancy and the health of the fetus. Emotional: Good for emotions. Helps with balance and overcoming grief.  Good for living in the moment and accepting past experiences. Healing Qualities: Good for overcoming self-imposed blocks.

MOONSTONE: Physical: Helps recover from Anaphylactic Shock, helps with bug bites.  Helps with constipation and water retention and swelling.  Good for circulation, skin, hair and eyes. Emotional: Soothing for the inner self and emotions generally.  Brings calm, control, balance, confidence, and composure, peace of mind, and caring and compassion.  Helps oversensitivity, pessimism and combats cycles/repeated patterns. Healing Qualities: Good for wisdom, passion, change, new beginnings, intuition, insight and creativity.  Brings good luck and a happy home.  Offers protection to travelers.

TIGER'S EYE: This is a good go to or feel good stone. Physical: Good for nocturnal vision and the entire digestive system.  Helps digestion and digestive disorders including flatulent, nausea, and diverticulitis.  Also helps eye diseases and broken bones. Emotional: Good for balance calming and grounding.  Helps fear, worry depression, turmoil, inhibition, negativity, introversion.  Helps those that are deliberately obstructive. Healing Qualities: This stone is good for Intuition, courage, new beginnings, absent/distant healing and sharpening of the mind. This stone is helpful for narrow mindedness. Brings yin/yang balance and right/left brain balance.

LAPIS: Physical: Good for the immune system, throat, thymus, thyroid, Eustachian tube, bones, and bone marrow.  Helps insomnia, vertigo, dizziness, hearing loss and skeletal pain.  Aids detox.  Help to prevent illness and repair muscles, broken bones and fractures. Emotional: Good for relaxation, relationships and in/yang balance.  Good for depression.  Healing Qualities: A feel better stone that brings energy, vitality and mental endurance.  Promotes natural gifts and skills.  Helps disorganization.

IOLITE: Physical  Good for the liver.  Prevents illness.  Helps malaria and fever.  Aids weight loss and detox.  Prevents damage done by daily medication.  Reduces dependence from over attachment and the need to hold on.  Good for hay fever and symptoms associated with it. Emotional: Good for emotional attachments, yin/yang balance and living in the moment. Healing Qualities Good for relationships.  Facilitates painless change. Helps irresponsibility.

TOURMALINE: Physical: Good for mental health and healing.  Good for the digestion and the health of the bladder and lymphatic system.  Helps schizophrenia and low blood pressure.  Aids detoxing. Emotional: Calming and good for self-confidence, balance and removing blockages.  Helps fear, obstructiveness, victim mentality, negativity, breakdown, and worrying too much.  Relieves a restless or troubled mind.  Good for the inner self, yin/yang balance and right/left brain activity.  Healing Qualities: Good for inspiration, connection, awareness, creativity, new challenges, and negotiation skills.  Enhances healing ability and offers protection from accidents. 

Serpentine 2.jpg

SERPENTINE: Physical: Helps hypoglycemia, diabetes, parasites, and calcium and magnesium deficiency. Emotional: Good for emotions and energy flow. Healing Qualities: Good for art and creating.

GREEN MOSS AGATE: Physical: Good for cleansing and deter.  Good for digestion, the immune system and eyes.  Helps dehydration, fungal infection, cold and flu symptoms, and skin disorders. Emotional: Releases trapped emotions.  Helps anxiety, stress and tension.  Healing Qualities: Good for abundance and wealth.

GARNET: Physical: Helps anemia, arthritis, blood cleansing/detox, blood flow, low blood pressure, rheumatism, under active thyroid and deficiencies of iodine, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, D, and E.  Enhances the health of the bones, spine, heart and lungs.  Balances sex drive. Emotional: Brings emotional balance.  Helps depression, chaos, disruption and emotional trauma. Healing Qualities: Brings courage, creative energy, vitality, abundance, flow, change and awareness.

BLUE QUARTZ: Physical: Good for the spleen, endocrine system, blood and metabolism. Emotional: Good for emotional balance. Brings bliss and connection to people.  Helps anger, introversion, apprehension and anxiety. Healing Qualities: Brings self-reliance, spontaneity, happiness, awareness, vitality, and well being.